The shipping container line «NileDutch Africa Line B.V.» provides a service for the transport of goods in containers between the main ports of Western, Southern and Central Africa, Europe, South America and Asia for 30 years.

The fleet of the line consists of container vessels and own multi-purpose containers.

Fleet of multipurpose vessels capable of carrying project and break-bulk cargoes, «NileDutch Africa Line B.V.» operates a regular, dedicated and reliable multipurpose service.

Containers delivery by the line «NileDutch Africa Line B.V.» to Ukraine is secured by weekly service to Odessa sea port container terminal of the LLC «Brooklyn-Kiev Port» (BKP).

Sailing schedule «NileDutch Africa Line B.V.» is available at liner web-site «NileDutch Africa Line B.V.»

Weekly service to Odessa sea port is provided with the following port rotation call:

  • Odessa
  • Istanbul
  • Valencia
  • Algeciras
  • Dakar
  • Abidjan
  • Tema
  • Pointe Noire
  • Libreville
  • Port Gentil
  • Malabo
  • Bata
  • Boma
  • Matadi
  • Sao Tome
  • Cabinda
  • Luanda
  • Douala
  • Lobito
  • Namibe
  • Walvis Bay
  • Odessa
  • Agreement with Addendums and a Guarantee Letter.
  • Delivery order (on blank) for the arrangement of an empty container for stuffing with an indication of the size and type of required equipment.
  • Loading order (on blank), must then be certified according to established procedure by the relevant controlling authorities and port services.
  • Instruction for issuing a bill of lading in electronic form one day prior to the vessel’s arrival (as agreed with the export department).
  • Agreement with Addendums and a Guarantee Letter.
  • Three originals of the bill of lading, indorsed on the reverse side with the consignee seal.
  • Shipper’s Order for the nomination of the consignee with the full address in case of the column of the bill of lading «Consignee» indicated «To order».
  • Original letter of attorney for forwarding and delivery of cargo.
  • Additional documents upon request and adjustment with the import department.
    Liner manager
    Demchenko Vladimir
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5271
    Sales department
    Demchenko Vladimir
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5271
    Sales department
    Gaydut Igor
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5258
    Import department
    Pimshina Natalya
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5272
    Import department
    Dzuba Svetlana
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5274
    Import department
    Ilyanenko Tatyana
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5260
    Export department
    Bobylyova Viktoriya
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5275
    Export department
    Bocharova Olesya
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5277
    Vessels operation
    Demchenko Vladimir
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5271
    +38 (048) 797 2329 ext. 5267